Using JoomlaUsing Joomla

Using Joomla, First Edition

“This is simply the best Joomla book out there. Itʼs clear and well written, packed with examples and resources for any level of Joomla user.”

—Andy Miller, Founder, RocketTheme Founder

“Brilliant! Severdia and Crowder have put together a solid reference. If you only buy one book on a subject or want the best one covering a topic, this is the Joomla book for you.”

—Andrew Eddie, Joomla Project Cofounder and Developer, The Art of Joomla


Why use Joomla? Because with Joomla you don't need to have any technical expertise or web design experience to create effective websites and web apps. Whether you're creating your first website or building a multifunction site for a client, this book provides straightforward hands-on instruction that makes it easy to learn this open source web content management system.

Written by members of the Joomla Leadership Team, Using Joomla helps newcomers quickly learn the basics, while developers with Joomla experience will pick up best practices for building more sophisticated websites. You'll also find more than a dozen ways to extend the functionality of existing Joomla-built websites. Start building with Joomla in minutes!

Using Joomla is now available on the Apple iBookStore, for the Kindle, and in Spanish!