Using JoomlaUsing Joomla

Using Joomla, Second Edition - Table of Contents

by Ron Severdia and Jennifer Gress, foreword by Ryan Ozimek

Each chapter of this book breaks down the extensive features of Joomla into easy-to-understand sections, many with hands-on exercises to help you get going quickly:

Chapter 1, Overview
Get a little background on Joomla and its history, and a tour of the administratorpanel.

Chapter 2, Planning Your Website
Planning is number one in most endeavors. Plan your navigation (menus), categories,articles, modules, templates, and more in this planning chapter.

Chapter 3, A Tour of the Administrator Panel
Learn how to move around the Administrator Control Panel.

Chapter 4, Setting Up the Basics of Your Website
Create categories, articles, menus, and modules for your website. Set up your template in this chapter, too.

Chapter 5, Creating Content
Learn the ins and outs of creating content.

Chapter 6, Managing Media and Creating Galleries
Discover how to manage images, files, and videos in Joomla. Learn how to create image galleries as well.

Chapter 7, Making Your Website Speak Multiple Languages
The Internet makes a very big world small. Make your website serve content in multiple languages.

Chapter 8, Starting a Blog
You, too, can be a writer with your very own blog! Learn how to create a great blogwith Joomla.

Chapter 9, Create and Share an Event Calendar
Events are fun for everyone. Keep an events calendar on your site to make your visitors aware of fun events happening in your world.

Chapter 10, Creating Forms
Very few sites exist without forms. Create contact forms or even forms that can accept payments.

Chapter 11, Building an Online Store
Sell your wares in an online store in Joomla.

Chapter 12, Engaging and Keeping in Touch with Your Users
Your website needs people. Chapter 12 helps you engage and stay in touch with your visitors in multiple ways.

Chapter 13, Solutions to Common Problems
Learn about more lengthy solutions that didn’t fit into other chapters, such as SEO, User Groups, ACLs, and more.

Chapter 14, Making Your Website Secure and Optimized
Keeping your visitors and your website safe is very important. It takes diligence yet isn’t difficult.

Appendix A, How to Install Joomla
The title says it all. Step-by-step instructions to install Joomla.

Appendix B, Updating and Migrating Joomla
Keep your Joomla installation up-to-date and learn how to migrate it, which is sometimes necessary to keep it secure.

Appendix C, Choosing the Right Extensions
So many extensions, so little time. Learn how to choose the right extensions for your site. A list of extensions used in this book can be found here

Appendix D, Developing for Joomla
You may want to develop an extension or app with the Joomla! Framework. Perhaps you’re not a coder and want to get more involved and give back. This is the appendix for you.

Appendix E, Tips and Tricks
Little snippets of goodies here.

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