Using JoomlaUsing Joomla

Using Joomla - Table of Contents

by Ron Severdia and Kenneth Crowder, foreword by Louis Landry

Each chapter of this book breaks down the extensive features of Joomla into easy-to-understand sections:

Chapter 1, An Overview
Get a little background on Joomla, its history, and what the future holds.

Chapter 2, Quick Start
Install Joomla in just a few minutes and understand a few key concepts.

Chapter 3, A Tour of the Administrator Panel
Learn the basics of the administrator interface.

Chapter 4, Global Configuration
Understand what configuration options are available and how they affect your web site.

Chapter 5, Preparing Your Content
See some basic Joomla concepts and how they can help you best plan your web site.

Chapter 6, Creating Content
Get an in-depth overview of how content is created, managed, and displayed within Joomla.

Chapter 7, Menus
Menus are the backbone of site structure. Learn the best way to control layouts and use different navigation styles.

Chapter 8, Components
See which components are built-in and how to extend Joomla’s functionality with thirdparty options.

Chapter 9, Modules
Understand how to manage and display modules.

Chapter 10, Plug-ins
The power of plug-ins and the various types are explained.

Chapter 11, Templates
It’s easy to make your site look professional and this chapter will help you understand the basics of templates.

Chapter 12, User Manager
Learn how to manage users and collaborate on your web site with user permissions.

Chapter 13, Media Manager
Managing media like images and Flash is easy with Joomla.

Chapter 14, Languages
Get Joomla to speak in your language.

Chapter 15, Extensions Manager
Using the Extension Manager, see how you can install, remove, and upgrade your extensions.

Chapter 16, Tools
A few extra tools are included with Joomla. Learn how they can make maintaining your web site much easier.

Chapter 17, Hands-on: Converting a Site to Joomla
If you have an existing web site and want to convert it to Joomla, here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so.

Chapter 18, Extending Your Site: Recommended Solutions
Using a sample online pet store, we’ll walk you through how to set up a variety of solutions—an online photo gallery, an online calendar, and more.

Chapter 19, SEO and SEF
Using Joomla’s built-in SEO/SEF capabilities and some best practices, you can easily improve your web site’s search ranking.

Chapter 20, Security
Learn some best practices for keeping your web site rock solid.

Chapter 21, Joomla 1.6 and Beyond
With Joomla 1.6 on the horizon, see what’s in store, how it can help you, and how to migrate.

Chapter 22, Getting Involved
How to get involved in the Joomla community and how you can give back.

Appendix A, Installing and Upgrading
If the Quick Start doesn’t cover your setup, find a myriad of other ways to either install or upgrade Joomla.

Appendix B, Choosing the Right Extensions
We’ll help you wade through the many thousands of extension options to find the one that best suits your needs.

Appendix C, Developing for Joomla
If you’re a developer or want to develop for the Joomla platform, we’ll give you examples of the power behind the Joomla framework and point you to some valuable resources.

Appendix D, Tips and Tricks
Throughout the book, we give tips and hidden gems to Joomla. This chapter contains some of them that did not fit well in other chapters, but are still important to learn in order to get the most out of Joomla.